There are those including lawyers that continue to describe a condominium corporation as a business, and owners as the shareholders.  This comparison appears to be the most widely accepted comparison. With all due respect, since I began in this industry I have never believed this comparison, and nor should you.

A condominium corporation is a;

  • human settlement within the confines of a municipality,
  • operated under provincial legislation.
  • Directors are the non paid elected volunteer representatives of their owners, similarly to elected politicians are to their constituents
  • owners are citizens or stakeholders 
  • condominium manager acts (in the case of fee management services), as would a  professional civil servant, whose responsibility is to run the day-to-day activities, no matter who has been elected to the Board of Directors. and
  • all owners are legislated to pay a common element fee similar to that of taxes.

Condo-Ology number one principal “A Board of Directors is a government”

It is extremely important to understand what exactly we are dealing with prior to seeking out best operational practices. For Condo-Ology a Board of Directors is a government 

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