A continuous improving (FREE) template for the drafting of a Condominium Corporation Condo-Ology® Certified General By-law

The base or the starting point for this template began with the Registered of SCC 408 Condo-Ology® Certified General By-law.

This template is the best By-law that I have seen to date, regardless that there is much more to improve. It is my responsibility as Facilitator to continuously update as suggestions are received.

A Condo-Ology® Certified By-law is;

Created by those being governed (Owners)

Custom  to the uniqueness of a particular Corporation

Understandable – minimum usage of legalese

Mandates transparent accountability

Encourages engagement

Compliance enforcement is by the Owners and not that of our Courts.

The Condo-Ology® Certified General By-law Template

Font in Bold Red are my comments and would not be included in the By-law

Italic fonts within brackets are treated in the same fashion as headings and are for convenience of reference only and shall not affect the interpretation of this By-law but will assist in the understanding.

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