In Canada, the first three levels (Federal, Provincial and Municipal) of government function similarly to the definition of a Representative Democracy – that being, the whole body of citizens remain the sovereign power, but political power is exercised indirectly through elected representatives.

Condominium Owners cannot afford, nor should they want, a fourth level of government similar to the first three.

Condominium Corporations are fortunate when compared to other democratic societies, because of two characteristics;

  • Relatively small, and
  • Less diverse.

These two characteristics are enough to be leveraged to the advantage of condominium ownership.

Condominium Owners within an individual Condominium Corporation may share many commonalities including;

  • Appreciation for the location and neighborhood
  • Social position
  • Values
  • Needs and wants 
  • Lifestyle,
  • And much more.

These commonalities make compromising and communal engagement and involvement a reachable goal.

Condo-Ology® is based upon the principals of Direct Democracy in contrast to our first three levels of representative democracy governments

Representative democracy: People vote for representatives who in turn vote on governance/policy initiatives.

Direct democracy: Gives citizens an extraordinary amount of participation in the legislation (in our case – the Corporation’s governing documents) process and granting them a maximum of political self-determination.

Governance is the process of decision-making by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented). Superior Condo-Ology® governance is developed and owned by those being governed.