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My name is Tom LePage, the manager of the Condo-Ology® Blog.

On Behalf of  Condo-Ology® Welcome.

This site where is where all can participate in order to assist each other in a conflict free environment seeking best operational practices and much, much more.

And for those readers who wish to communicate privately please email me directly – I look forward to your email.

Condo-Ology® Ten Principles

  1. A Board of Directors is a Direct Democracy government
  2. Government legislation is the minimum standard
  3. Governance documents are owned by those being governed
  4. Extreme transparency is mandatory
  5. Accountability by number
  6. Consistency and familiarity have value
  7. Every Corporation is uniquely different
  8. Share lessons with others (Pass it forward)
  9. Embrace the whistleblower, listen to all.
  10. Directors (via Board ) to direct – managers to manage

Your participation will be greatly appreciated – open to all suggestions.

More posts to follow!